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Why You Choose Us?

Continuously attentive and incredibly responsive, 24/7.


Our highly experienced team consists of licence installers of the major brands of cabling products and accredited designers and our unparalleled warranties are based on strict current standards as well as emerging technologies.


We offer a diverse range of superior electrical services, including but not limited to installations, inspections, services and maintenance to our industrial clients.


We consistently commence large scale commercial electrical projects many of the major construction companies in Australia. Therefore we have a dedicated team of experienced and qualified staff to cover all components of this sector.

Turnkey Solutions

We will consult with you, your internal/external consultants to develop a turnkey solution that is immediately ready for use upon implementation and is designed to fulfill all your requirements to achieve energy efficiency.


We also supply many specialist sub-boards, motor control centres and specialist panels to suit all our customer requirements. Installations are performed at mutually convenient time.

Client Services

Over the years we have continued to surprise, and delight our clients with our workmanship. We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding service and it is this that keeps our clients happy and referring us to others. If you would like to speak with one of our clients please contact us.

Recently ECES has completed the installation of new LED emergency fittings with motion sensors installed into the fire stairs of a leading commercial building in the CDB. With this installation we have been able to reduce energy consumption.

With built in sensors in each fitting we continue to keep power usage lower as the fitting runs at 25% capacity till movement is detected, therefore allowing ambient light for security purposes, remaining compliant and assisting with lowering the carbon footprint of the building.

Latest Projects

Some of our latest projects

We have provided the Electrical Services for the complete range of Office Fitouts projects, commercial parking facilities as well as warehousing. The objectives of these projects where to decrease energy consumption, while having an ROI of less than 4 years in most cases.

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Energy Efficiency

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What we can help you with

Energy Efficent Lighting

Upgrading your lighting system can be one of the most cost-effective ways for your business to save energy.Lighting systems can be responsible for up to 50 per cent of your business’s energy useage. Implementing smart lighting practices and upgrading to an energy efficient lighting system can reduce your energy usage by 80 per cent.

Lighting Layout Designs

From simple layouts to complex drawings, our Lighting Design Engineers will provide precise, efficient, application-focused lighting designs for customer-specific applications. Our experts can save you time & money by creating a virtual model of a proposed design, revealing luminaire characteristics and effects that would be hard to detect in anything short of the completed installation.


Practical Solutions

We focus on developing and implementing cost-effective solutions for energy conservation projects. By combining both lighting upgrades and sensor controls, we create innovative designs custom to the clients’ needs that save energy and deliver a strong return on investment. Using our knowledgeable staff, we are able to execute the design in the field, ensuring that the proper equipment is applied.



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